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Can you remove "notify all" option from group wires?

  • takuya


    Can you remove it from

    Some users are spamming us all, with wire messages. I’d like to be in the group, but this makes me think I should not belong to any groups on as the more I join, the more chances I get wire spams.

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  • Andy Peatling


    Is this a common problem? Can others who are receiving spam please reply?

    Remember – you can turn off emails on your notification settings.



    you are right, i totally forgot about notification settings.

    If you wanna not even give them the option… easier most non-invasive move would be to just add a line of CSS to hide the checkbox.



    I once wrote some code which adds a setting to the BuddyPress administration panel. It was probably the very first BuddyPress plugin I ever wrote and I should touch it up and put it in the repository. In the meantime, see it here:

    Very cool Jobjorn.

    Just wondering however if this ultra-low-tech solution would also do the trick?

    #wire-email-notify {display: none;}



    Should also work, David.

    If you can’t see the checkbox, you can’t notify people ;)



    I would definitely make this an option only in the next version. Users might have no idea and send messages to huge groups of people, who will get fed up with it soon.

    Andy, maybe it can be made possible for (group)admins only?


    I think it’s a great feature and should be available to everyone… but perhaps should have more messaging around it and/or made an option that an admin can disable. Personally… in my case… this feature would be invaluable and it would need to be available to everyone. It all depends on the nature of the group. For a giant group… maybe you don’t want it. But let’s say you form a group that is a small collection of committee members using the wire to talk about ideas or what have you… in that case… the mass notify is great. Also… users who get annoyed with these kinds of notifications always have the option to turn them off!

    So put it as an enhancement ticket on the Trac (if you haven’t already) else it will get lost.

    Well… I think this particular feature is fine as is… but that’s good to know in any case.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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