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Can you subscribe to your friends' specific wire feeds?

  • jaredtaibl


    I was wondering if you can subscribe to your friends’ wire feeds. There has to be a way to see only your friends’ wire postings within your own profile, right? I’m expecting it to work kind of like Facebook, where you see your friends posts on your wall and you can communicate by commenting back and forth. I’m confused, the only ways to see wire postings is by viewing individual profiles or site wide activity? If that’s the case, then there’s no way to follow your friends’ specific wire feeds. Is that correct?

    I’m confused, the wire feed is the main means of communication on BuddyPress right? Then, when I post to my wire, it should automatically be sent to all my friends’ profiles so they can see what I’ve said and comment.

    I’m fairly uneducated about BuddyPress, so please help me to find my way through this issue.

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