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Cannot Add Topic in bbPress Forum

  • jayrasung


    I recently did a clean install of WPMU, Buddypress and bbPress (all newest versions freshly downloaded with an all new database). The installation for WPMU was using directories and installed correctly with no problems. The installation of Buddypress installed correctly. I then used the one click feature for bbPress integration and chose “new installation.” The message stated that the installation was successful (all this is with the default theme packaged with buddypress).

    I then went to the main page, looked good (needed to add widgets) and clicked forum. Everything is there except a button to add a new topic. I assumed I did something wrong in the installation and uninstalled everything, created a new database and rebuilt it – same problem. So, I then uninstalled everything (again creating a new database) and rebuilt it all again; only this time, I set up bbPress on a subdomain and a separate database as the WPMU installation. I then attempted the integration with an existing bbPress installation. Same result. During these stages, I was able to “add” a forum to a group but not post to the forum without an error message, “Unable to post to forum.”

    I then uninstalled again and reinstalled placing the tables for bbPress within the WPMU table structure (again starting with a fresh clean database) and choose the install existing forum button. At no time during the installations was an error message received.

    Thereafter, I checked the forum and no Add Topic button appeared. So, I sat up a new test group, added a forum to it and was able to post to the forum via the group and the posting appears in the forum directory. Yet I still cannot just “Add Topic” from the forum directory listing.

    Is this the way it’s meant to be – forums must be associated to a group and posted by way of the group – or have I encountered a problem?

    Thanks for any help. I noted some others posting on the bbPress forum have the same problem, but no resolution.

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  • Jeff Sayre


    The integrated version of bbPress creates group-based forums. So, to add a topic, you must be within that group’s forum. If you want a sitewide forum, you will have to install another copy of bbPress (you can use the same bbPress tables) using deep integration. There are a number of threads on these forums about how to do just that.

    Read this Codex article for more information:



    Thank you very much Jeff. I think the default theme caused me the confusion. With a “forum” tab, it would seem that it would be separate from groups rather than integrated into groups. I really appreciate the clarification.

    Jeff Sayre


    You’re welcome.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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