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Cannot create groups or register new users

  • Hello, I’m using a fresh install of buddypress and WP, just downloaded and installed them yesterday. Buddypress seems to be working (after some trouble with getting activity etc tabs to show). I can navigate fine to all the tabs, but when I try to add a group, I put in the name and description and click the ‘Create group and continue’ button, it puts me back to “1. Details” tab with all boxes emptied. I can’t move forward to the next step. Also, when I try to register a user, I put in all the data and click ‘Complete sign up’ and it re-loads the register page, again all boxes emptied, and nothing else happens. If I try to create an account with errors (i.e. required fields missing) the same thing happens, no error messages or anything like that. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Oh, and I’m using the default theme that came with buddypress – so no special theme or anything like that. I have also de-activated all WP plugins except for buddypress and akismet.

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  • nathan12343


    Me too! ONly just happened. I added a group yesterday to show someone and we lost connection at the add avatar stage so I never actually confirmed it. Today I made a couple of minor changes, added the plugin bp-gallery and now I can’t add groups in exactly the way that you described. Also I couldn’t delete any groups. I removed the test group of yesterday through the database but still nothing. Help!!

    Tekuan Coleman


    Im hoping to get answers to this issue as well. i don’t have a “create groups” button/option in my “groups” tab in the bp admin bar. i just created a new page, added it to the nav bar with the same permalink as the “groups” in the bp admin bar. i can create groups from the site page but if i go to “groups” through bp admin bar there is no option to “create”.

    The problem is that in your Apache configs somewhere there is a
    AllowOverride None statement. It should be AllowOverride all for Apache to work right, assuming also that you have the mod_rewrite module enabled.

    I had the same problem and I tracked it down to this stupid thing…..oh well. Works now.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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