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CANNOT find the right template file…

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    i have moved the bp-legacy templates into my child theme… so path is


    have had no problem making changes needed to members-loop.php

    but for love nor money can i get the page i’ve set for the member directory to get rid of the stupid sidebar…
    i have done everything i can think of… i BELIEVE IT HAS SOMETHING to do with my theme not playing nicely with the bp templates, but i cannot sort it out.

    using catch-box theme…
    site is still in development, but the page in question is here

    i have messed with multiple page templates, content-part templates, and everything i can think of with child-theme/buddypress/members/index.php and STILL i have a sidebar.

    i am going out of my mind. please help. i’m sure it’s simple and i’ll look like an id10t but that’s ok. pride is out the window on this project already 🙂

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  • Have you read through the guides in the BP codex?

    Have you created a buddypress.php file to manage the page.php rendering? Theme compatibility uses the stock WP page.php file – or a series of other templates names in same manner WP performs template selection. You need to customize page.php essentially but not the themes copy but a copy of renamed for Buddypress use which you can then edit, again fairly detailed guides available in the BP codex to help explain the process.



    i must be searching on the wrong things in the codex, then, because i cannot find what i want.

    no, i don’t have a buddypress.php file… yet… but i’m guessin’ i will soon!
    thanks for the direction… i’ll report back if i find a solution.

    Henry Wright


    Your file should be:


    and not:


    (which is what I think you mentioned you have).



    BuddyPress uses page.php as the outer container of your files in the your-theme/buddypress folder.

    To create a custom outer container duplicate page.php and rename it buddypress.php

    your-theme/buddypress.php then you can remove the sidebar from that file

    echo echo!



    well thanks for rallying the troops. we got ‘er done!
    would love to know precisely where in the codex that little gem is hiding … would have saved me HOURS of screwing about thinking i was crazy.

    a little css and i’m all fixed up… at least, for the members directory page…
    but now the sidebar is GONE from the individual profile pages, which i didn’t mind so much.

    so, is it reasonable to assume i can make additional buddypress template files as i would any other template files – buddypress-member-single.php for example – and get my sidebar back on select pages?

    as for the index-directory.php @henrywright mentioned above, i do not have anything like that in the buddypress templates… where else would/should i find that? and what does it do?

    They don’t exist until you create them.

    🙂 I’ll go and fish out all the codex guides that have been written on the subject of templating/themeing

    Also remember you can use conditional logic to wrap the sidebar in your bp template so if you wanted the sidebar just for user account screens you could do:

    if( bp_is_user() ) :


    The two guides to read are:

    Theme Compatibility & Template Files

    Template Hierarchy

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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