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Cannot get Buddypress working in Expound

  • Nikki@365Gaming


    Hello All,

    We are using on our website the theme Expound and also the BBpres & Buddypress combo. All works, that is not the issue…but it looks awful :(. As our forum is not the major thing we didn’t give this priority. I have tried to find a way to get to look like the standard Buddypress but I cannot get it to work 🙁 I have tried with Expound, but they just refer to solving it as this is not an functional issue but more css etc.

    This is how the profile looks in the BBpress & Buddypress combo:

    And this is how the Expound profile looks:

    This is what is running:

    As I would really love to have this in a good way I’m looking for help to get this solved. We are just a hobby site that just recently started to try to get things more professional, so there is no real budget, but we are willing to pay even to get this solved. It is such a pity that this part now sucks 🙁

    Thanks to all that are looking to see if they would be able to work.


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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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