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Cannot log into wordpress

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  • No limit.  Take your install right back to basic WP only i.e NO plugins activated – rename the plugin folders to force deactivate them; then see if you can log in, if you can login with plain WP start re-activating plugins one by one.



    I deleted the plugins one by one. After deleted the buddypress plugins I could log into wordpress.

    I have just re-installed the latest version of buddypress as I was running 1.6.1 so now I am running 1.6.2

    I logged out and could log back in? Should I keep doing this till I find the faulty plugin?

    What else could it be?

    I’m closing this thread as it’s a duplicate of your other one, you should not create new threads on the same topic it just confuses matters.


    follow my instructions above! Yes disable all plugins and once back in activate each in turn until you find a culprit , speculate on what else it can be after you have rulled out plugins.



    Hi Hugo

    Thanks. Will try that.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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