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Can’t upload profile pictures

  • chanssen


    I am using WP 4.7.2 with BuddyPress 2.8.0. Under ‘settings’ > ‘buddypress’ the option “profile photo uploads” is enabled, but the frontend does not show this option. Any ideas?
    Thanks a lot!

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  • danbp


    When you are on frontend, your profile tab, you should see follwing menu items under the buddy nav bar:

    View | Edit | Change Profile Photo | Change Cover Image

    and the same items under your user menu (below Howdy), in the top right corner on the Toolbar, as submenu of the Profile item.

    If it isn’t case, some common issues can be:
    – you omitted to save your BP options
    – you use a cache and see the site content from before BP installation
    – there is a weird bug in a file
    – your theme isn’t taylored for BuddyPress
    – there is a conflict with another plugin

    What you could try:
    – double check your settings
    – clear the cache
    – reload a fresh copy of BP via FTP
    – test with a Twenty theme
    – you have to debug

    Note also that you can only load ONE avatar or ONE cover image at a time and that you have definitely only one picture for each bundled with your account.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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