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[Resolved] Can’t Create Groups

  • rfk55tn


    I’m working with WP 4.6.1 and BP 2.7 with the twenty sixteen theme at

    I am not good at any coding – html, css, or, otherwise. The only thing I’ve done is follow the instructions for installing WordPress, the theme, and BuddyPress as well as the plug-ins that add functionality for users.

    For the most part, everything seems to be working well. Unfortunately, creating groups isn’t one of them. The page to create is there. There is a “Create a group” link in the user menu in the upper right corner. It doesn’t work. There’s a link on the activity page to go to groups but, no buttons or anything else to actually create a group. There’s a page for creating groups and it pops up at The problem is that there are no buttons at all. It’s a blank page. Most (if not all) of the postings on this issue seem to deal with the pages for creating and administering groups not even existing. Apparently, this isn’t a problem on my site.

    I would appreciate some help in trying to figure out the following:

    1. Why aren’t the buttons visible on the page.
    2. How do I get the buttons to work for everyone.

    Thanks to any and all who try to help but, please, keep in mind – I’m a newb and haven’t been actively doing this for any length of time.

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  • Emmanuel


    please i have the same problem.
    When i seek to create group in my admin panel or throught user profil (front end), it is impossible.
    the send me this message : The requested URL / was not found on this server.
    But in the buddypress config allthings seem to be good (components, pages, options)
    I’m working with WP 4.6.1 and BP 2.7
    I am in local server.
    why can i do please.




    it seems that you have a lot of pages on the site and that you use weird settings.

    I would do the following:
    – remove any redirect settings and other done via plugins.
    – deactivate all plugins except buddypress.
    – activate 2016, and not a child theme.
    – ensure that each active BP component has a page assigned and that this page is unique, without any template or model assigned. Just a title and nothing else.
    Actually, you have links like “…/” (found in the Who’s on widget). Or the link to Archangel’s profile indicates “../”

    That’s unusual and cannot work properly, except if your WP is in a directory called “activity”. And it is not the case ! Note also that BP should be at the same level as WP.

    – set up pretty permalinks (what ever but default option) and save.

    – and read attentively the install guide.

    Other dysfunctionning points:
    The toolbar has a Register button who link to ../ (this works correctly)
    but the homepage shows ../ If you want visitors to register, send them to /join/ page and not to an empty page.

    …and of course, this link doesn’t work too (at least for a not logged visitor) : ../

    Here the list of correct slugs of a default BP install:
    – -> BP site activity page (active by default)
    – -> BP members directory (mandatory)
    – -> BP groups directory (if group component is active)

    These BP pages are dynamic and depending the context, you can have ie: -> goes to a profile -> goes to the friends screen of the specified user

    It works the same for groups.

    Once BP and WP are working correctly together, you can reactivate the child theme and your plugins.



    Thank you for your help.

    When I did the install of BP I followed this guide: Initially, I was using another theme which required nesting the pages in order to make a drop down menu in associated groups within the header. When I installed the twentysixteen theme I did not remove that nesting. So, I ended up with up with that mess you found. By removing the nesting – which wasn’t needed – through Pages in Admin, all of the buttons have come back. The “Groups” page works wonderfully.

    I was under the impression that BP was a plug-in that was added to WP through the use of the “Add” feature within WP. How would I do an install of BP “at the same level of WP”? As a plug-in, doesn’t it install within WP? Would it be necessary to do a reinstall of the entire site to get two, same level installs?



    BP is a WP plugin, don’t be confused by what i wrote. By same level i was meaning this :
    BuddyPress does not work on installations where you give WordPress its own directory. (install guide::Required)

    Glad you got it back to normal.



    I understand better, now. Thank you so much for your help, danbp. It was much appreciated. Hope this helps others with the same problem.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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