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Can’t delete items off wire – error message

  • Hey guys,

    I’m having trouble with deleting items off the wire.

    bbPress – 1.0 Alpha

    WPMU 2.7 – revision 1578

    BuddyPress – revision 796

    Environment: CentOS 4, latest PHP, etc etc

    When I go to delete items off my wire, I get an error message stating “Wire post could not be deleted, please try again.” All users, including the admin get this.

    Sometimes the item disappears, sometimes it does not. Thanks for your help.

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  • Oh! Even with the latest trunk of BP as of today (revision 809) it still does the same thing.

    Burt Adsit


    We’re with ya here plock. Gotta go look at the code and see why that error msg would happen. Hang in there.

    Back. Q? Is this your profile wire or a group wire? You said ‘my wire’ so I have to assume it’s your profile wire. Right? Going away again.

    Back. Q? Can you create new wire messages in your profile? There isn’t too much difference in the create and delete functions. There is an additional, new kinda security check in the delete function however. It might be getting confused.

    Do me a favor. Reload your home page. Start from scratch. From the adminbar go to ‘my account’ > wire (not .. > wire > all posts) and select that from the menu. Try to delete a wire post. Still getting the error?

    The only components that pay attention to the new security thing are wire and groups. If groups has a bug setting that security thingy (technical term) or somehow it’s not getting cleared and reset properly, then bp will think that you do not have permission to delete a wire post. It’ll then deliver that error msg.

    Try adding a new wire post and then deleting it. Give it a try please.

    Hey! Thanks for your speedy response. I’ve looked further into this and here’s what I have for you.

    Deleting Wire Posts- Users:

    1. Going from My Account -> Wire -> All Posts

    Yields Error, post disappears from page

    2. Me -> Wire -> All Posts Yields Error, Posts Disappears

    3. Clicking on own profile, and deleting wire posts from profile index page

    Wire post could not be deleted, please try again.

    Same thing happens when the user is or is not a friend of the user, or writing on their own wire.

    Deleting Wire Posts – Groups

    1. Yields error group index page, in every combination possible.

    2. Same errors for users attempting to delete their own wires.

    Looking at the database table entry for wp_bp_xprofile_wire, the deleted posts are actually gone. I think the issue with the “sometimes not disappearing” was with the last trunk install (revision 796).

    If I reinstall my current trunk, same errors all around. (Just thought I should cover all my bases)Anything else I should try?

    Burt Adsit


    They get gone but you get an error msg no matter what it seems. Hmmm. OK, back to the code to find out why.

    Well, I tried deleting wire posts in the profile, r809, on two different servers. windows and linux. No problems. If it’s deleting the posts then I can’t see how you are getting a spurious error msg. If bp successfully deletes the post it returns happy all the way up the chain, back to you and a happy message.

    Dunno. I’m stumpted.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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