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Cant edit or change profile fields

  • karabre1980


    Hello I am using Buddypress with Woffice Theme and I have create an Intarnet where can users register. I give them the permission to edit their profile. The problem is that when they want to change something in their profile in Buddypress (for example telephone or Location) in doesn’t accept the update although it is saving normally. When you are going in the overview it has the old data. Can you please help me and tell me whats wrong?? Thank you

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  • leog371


    you can use the plugins “BP-footer-debug, theme check and health check” to see problems with your site. It might also help to enable debug in your wp-config file and have it output to file or simply display onscreen. You might see a few errors in code that you can easily fix.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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