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Can’t get to Buddypress homepage when using static front page

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    I have just installed BP and use a static front page. I can’t manage to get to the Buddypress homepage. I can go to /members and /groups, and so on, with no problems, but if I click the Home or Blog links I will just end upp at the static front page (

    I have found this topic, but couldn’t solve it using the suggestions in there:

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    Jeff Sayre


    As jjj explains in that thread, you need to customize your homepage. You will not get the default homepage to work as is with your current set up. You can either have a static page and the members theme, or a the default home theme with a members theme. But you will not be able to have this sequence:

    Your own static front page > Default BuddyPress Home theme > BuddyPress member theme

    You need to follow jjj’s advice.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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