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Can't go into wp-admin

  • Even knowing that I had to make a Back Up, I’m always installing plugins with out a back, and never had a problem before.

    So I try to do the same thing with BuddyPress, and now cant get to the administration area.

    My blog url is

    So I suppose to enter to the administration area by typing this URL

    But it gives me a message telling that I don’t have permission to enter to this page

    What can I do?

    Thank you very much

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  • Can somebody help me please?

    I’m using one database to hold 6 different WordPress Blogs. I decided to put in one of them BuddyPress, and now I can’t go in like an administrator in this Blog. All others are functioning okay, so I believe the problem is only with themes or something like that on this blog. Something that was caused by BuddyPress installation. When I try to access to: it tells me that I don’t have permission to access to this page. What should I do? All was working fine, until I install BuddyPress, so it is something that I didn’t take care of. I didn’t read too much after I saw a messages that encourage to install, because even our grant mother could install it without problems. And since I’m used to install plugging without any precaution…I closed my eyes and proceed…

    Please help me.

    The issue isn’t with BuddyPress, its an issue with your WP environment. when you were told to change your Permalink Settings wordpress created a .htaccess file. this probably broke your access to get in, it did mine.

    I updated the file so that the rewriter worked correctly and all is better. Enable rewriter and you’ll probably be good.


    Thank you for your answer, but I dont believe its what you tell me, because I had compare the .htacces file in this blog with other I have on my site, and they are equal. Or, are you telling me to delete it…?

    Does someone know how can I get it my site again, with out restore it, because I dont have a buck up?

    Please help me. I just wanted to create a community formy clasemates…

    It took me 5 days, but finally found the answer, on forums. I share it with you. Since BuddyPress is a Plugin, and it causes the bad function of my blog, I just went to my site by FTP, and rename the BuddyPress plugin file by something like oldplugin. And that was all. I could then enter to my site. Now I will try to install again this plugin which suppose to be so easy that even my mom should install it.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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