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Can’t save settings on user side of my buddypress website

  • I have an issue where I am unable to save settings when on a member page e.g.{member name}/settings/general/.

    If I enter the details correctly when changing the email address it just stays the same. If I go into “Profile” under /wp-admin/ and attempt to change it, it work’s fine.

    I notice that this same problem happens on the website when you try and save your settings.

    Site Details…
    – WPMU install
    – Latest version of buddypress installed as plugin
    – Using the buddypress template pack.
    – Theme is based on “BLANK WordPress Theme”

    Things I have tried…
    – Changing to the default buddypress theme (Still had the issue)
    – Deactivating all other plugins (Still had the issue)
    – Re-copying the buddypress template files. (Still had the issue)

    If anyone can help me with this or if you have any ideas on things I could try it would be much appreciated.


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  • Xevo


    WPMU, dont you mean WP + Multisite? Is the latest BuddyPress still compatible with WPMU?

    My apologies, yes it used to be call WPMU they have now made it part of the main WordPress install and call it Multisite.

    So yes I have an install of WordPress with Multisite activated. I have not seen anything that says the latest version of Buddypress is not compatible with WordPress Multisite.

    I have tried a fresh install of WordPress with Buddypress installed. I now have the following happening…

    The settings page still stays the same on a save but if you refresh the page your changes are now visible (This was not happening before). So it seems that the save is now happening it just still shows you the old data first after you press the save button. This seems to make it confusing as you think the save did not complete.

    Further to this, if you use the default buddypress theme the save works first time everytime correctly. The above only seems to happen if I am using a different theme with the buddypress template pack to make the theme compatible.

    So does this mean there is a bug in the template pack? If so any suggestions on how I can make the form display your newly saved data right after the save.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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