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Can't stop automatically generated users from being added to the database

  • lhnz


    I took on a buddypress project that had been worked on by somebody else, and I have an issue in which automatically generated users are being added intermittently to the database every couple of hours.

    Nobody know what is causing this. I would have expected it be a plugin, but I have no such plugin installed and can’t find anything that would do this… It’s awfully strange since we have a captcha and yet they still keep being added.

    The reason that I think they’re automatically generated is because they have values like “QkX3rZf6PPq” inside their profile fields.

    Does anybody have any idea what this is, or how to stop it?


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  • Windhamdavid


    this doesn’t sound good. I would disable all registrations immediately, clean out all of the users whom have been added, delete all of your wp and bp files and reinstall to make sure that you don’t have any modified files. And you might examine the db tables closely to see if they need may need repair.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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