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Capturing Twitter to generate comments

  • hi BP experts,

    I’m looking for a solution to this situation:
    a lot of tweet folks are debating stuff on twitter, and they use specific hashtags for the things we discuss. That’s a start.
    I would like to pull in that conversation led by multiple people into a topic on my BP forum.
    ideally also comment on that
    super ideally that comment would also return to twitter

    the reasoning? Be able to catch the discussion, analyse and enrich it later on, be able to keep the full view on the running debate. In twitter it gets lost, although many people are very spontaneaous over there as opposed to a forum.

    does anybody have a clue on how to setup this specific twitter mirror/integration?
    out of the box thoughts are welcome as long as you catch the twitter idea towards a forum/

    many thx

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