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categorize ‘favorites’

  • ixixy



    I want to know if there was a way I could create categories for ‘favorited’ or liked items….similar to Facebook’s ‘save’ feature.

    Basically, when a member ‘favorites’ something it can be categorized in their favorites tab ‘videos, ‘audios’, ‘photos’ ‘archive’, etc….

    The reason why I want this is because I want to provide streaming content to my buddypress members…and give them a way to ‘favorite’ or ‘like’ the content…but then have a quick and easy way to find that piece of content under there ‘favorites’ tab. WHen they go to their favorites tab, they can browse through all their favorites….or click a subcategory: podcasts, audio streams, video, ebook, news/events, etc and to find their content easier… i said, similar to facebook’s ‘save’ feature…using the ‘favorites’ tab

    Any ideas on how this may be achieved? Right now, i’m having my member’s utilize the favorite’s function as a way for them to save their work….in hopes that one day this function will be expanded to enable the ‘favorited’ items to be neatly categorized.

    Thank you for reading 🙂 🙂 🙂

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