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Categorized and restriction; categories, users, posts

  • jorge17


    I want, the users of my social network before to register are categorized by two variables; Soccer team and position.For example Jorge, defender, Pumas FC // Mark, defender Aguilas FC.
    I want users after being categorized, all the entries that upload to the social network are saved and displayed in their corresponding category (based on the characteristics of the registry)So that when a user enters the portal, look for in the page / category pumas, see the posts of Jorge and other players of the pumas, when search for position, in this case defenses, see posts of Jorge, Raul and other users who Are defenses, if I look for (team) pumas and (position) defense, I will see the posts of Jorge and other defenses of the Pumas team.

    I want, All that the users publish is categorized and can be visualized according to its category.
    In addition to these categories, I would like all the entries made to be seen on the Actvity page

    Im trying do it with these plugins

    -Author Category

    -BuddyPress Member Type Generator

    -BuddyPress Xprofile Member Type Field

    -Restrict Author Posting

    -Restrict Categories

    The last plugin That I was update:

    -Blogs categories for groups plugin

    -Bp simple front end post, but that one need, change plugin of the directory, and Im am not do that very good, and I dont know if that its the correct way

    Excuse me english



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Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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