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Certain Buddypress email notifications not translating correctly.

  • erikahrend


    Hi all. I have correctly set up my Buddypress installation to run in Spanish. everything is working ok after uploading the .po translated files, but for some reason, a few of the notification emails are still being sent in English no matter what. I don´t want to modify the code “by hand” because I intend to have an english version of my site in brief, so I don´t want to give up the localization capability.

    The following notifications are running Ok in SPANISH:

    -Mentions notifications
    -Friendship requests and accepted request notifications.
    -Group Invitation notifications

    The notifications that refuse to translate to spanish and are still sent in english are:

    -The initial account activation email with the activation link.
    -Private message notifications

    I just don´t understand why some elements are wroking ok and some aren´t… I would much appreciate any help regarding this issue.

    Thanks in advance for all the kind replies.



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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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