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Change avatar photo – server 500 error

  • benhutchenspearson


    Hi All,

    Not sure if anyone can help with this. I have spotted a bug when uploading avatar. Upload works fine, crop works fine. When clicking crop image, I then get a red error bar with no explanation. When using the console in Chrome it points to a 500 server error. When looking at network it seems to be an issue with the following file wp-admin/admin-ajax.php.

    I have no idea where to look for the error here. I should add that I am using Youzer in combination with BP 6.0 and the developers at Youzer only support up to 5.2, which is not helpful. Also, the avatar does upload fine but you do not receive a message saying avatar successfully changed or words

    I have FTP access but annoyingly not to wp-admin folder as it’s hosted by wordpress. Any pointers greatly appreciated on where I can look/grab code from to help decode this error further.



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  • shanebp


    Youzer replaces BP profile templates and it is very difficult work with as a developer.
    If you need to use Youzer, then the best approach is to only use the version of BP that they support.



    I’m not sure if this helps but I think there is a conflict between what Youzer is trying to do:

    // Get Avatars Path.
    $avatars_path = xprofile_avatar_upload_dir();

    And what Buddypress calls:


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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