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Change BP Nouveau Customizer Settings Default Value

  • rmemech79


    Per the following function bp_nouveau_get_appearance_settings(), found in bp-nouveau/functions.php line:613.
    $default_args setting ‘user_front_page’ has default value of 1.
    However, there is no filter to change this default value back to 0 that I am aware of.

    I have a theme that doesn’t use the default-front.php page and doesn’t need this setting ‘user_front_page’ => 1 by default.

    Is there a hook that I am missing for bp_nouveau_get_appearance_settings()?

    I have spent several hours trying to default ‘user_front_page’ value back to 0.

    If I cannot get this setting back to 0 through the use of a filter, I have to manually code default-front.php to fit my theme OR if I decide not to code default-front.php, I have to manually open customizer and change this setting which is really annoying considering the fact that my theme doesnt need to use default-front.php out of the box.

    This is a setting should be 0 by default and 1 only on an as needed basis.

    Can you please assist me with figuring out a fix for this setting.. Thanks in advance.

    * Get the BP Nouveau Appearance settings.
    * @since 3.0.0
    * @param string $option Leave empty to get all settings, specify a value for a specific one.
    * @param mixed An array of settings, the value of the requested setting.
    * @return array|false|mixed
    function bp_nouveau_get_appearance_settings( $option = ” ) {
    $default_args = array(
    ‘avatar_style’ => 0,
    ‘user_front_page’ => 1,
    ‘user_front_bio’ => 0,
    ‘user_nav_display’ => 0, // O is default (horizontally). 1 is vertically.
    ‘user_nav_tabs’ => 0,
    ‘user_subnav_tabs’ => 0,
    ‘user_nav_order’ => array(),
    ‘members_layout’ => 1,
    ‘members_dir_tabs’ => 0,
    ‘members_dir_layout’ => 0,

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