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Change Cover Image Does Not Work

  • jseitzer


    Hi Everyone,

    I am brand new to BuddyPress. I am launching a new membership site May 1st so I have been actively working on my website (I have Under Construction Image as I work on it). I am NOT good or even know coding but I can easily follow direction. I also utilize Google and Youtube ALL the time to figure things out.

    I am using the X Theme which is supposed to be compatible with BuddyPress. Here is my issue.

    The Profile Image (not Gravatar) works great but I am unable to Change Cover Image. What can I do to get this feature to work? Thank you so much in advance.

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  • danbp



    You’re using a premium theme for which we can’t help you on this forum. You should ask on their support, included in the license. Or read theme’s documentation.



    Hello People, I have a similar problem, change-cover-image does not work. This happens with every theme. I have two installations of wordpress, one works (installed locally) and a remote one in the web server which does not work.

    Making test with buddypress style I installed plugins as follows:

    BuddyPress Profile Tabs
    BuddyPress – New UI

    Both currently deleted. I cannot say change-cover-image was working before the plugins above.

    What I can say is that some strange characteres are displayed before and after the select-file frame as follows:

    Before:” /*Subir/*]]>*/
    /*Hacer foto/*]]>*/

    /* ”

    After:” /*]]>*/ ”

    I included the quotes. JIC my installation is in spanish.

    Thanks a lot in advance people



    @danbp Thank you so much!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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