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Change filter selection box for activity stream

  • motomac


    Filter selection is not good, because you can select only one type of activity or all types.
    Please, make icons for each type of activity and posibility to select them like checkboxes.

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  • Nahum


    I like the idea to make the filter icons and/or checkboxes…i don’t think they’ll apply here since its meant to be the default, i’m sure with a little tinkering the list in activity/index.php could be made to work as a list of icons or even the multiple checkboxes which i like the idea of too. i’m going to try to do it. I’ve started here if any one wants to drop hints or give more direction. it looks like it could be simple enough



    I really like this idea and would like to begin tinkering with it and learn how to do it. Can anyone with the know how kindly give some suggestions on where to start. I’m sure its pretty simple just need to see where to begin changing the activity filter menu to a listed icon menu. maybe it’ll inspire a plugin…

    i’d study up on the ajax requests when that filter selection is made. (and double check if the passed in activity type can include multiples/comma separated list)



    is it possible to remove the Filter-Drop-Down and make just normal Tabs instead ?

    How is Facebook doing this ? I do not see a Filter or Checkboxes at that page……

    Is there any idea or suggestion of how to consolidate the Adminbar, the Navigation-Tabs and the Filter in order to make navigation simpler ?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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