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Change notifications output for differnt types of notifications

  • aido141176


    I want to add an font-awesome icon to the notification link based on what sort of notification it is.For example if it’s a message I want to display a message icon or if its a friend request I would like to display a firends icon. I can’t seem to find where the description is being outputted for different types of notifications to add my icon there, for example:

    <i class=”fa fa-comment fa-fw”></i>Joe blow sent you a new private message

    I’ve been looking at the function: bp_the_notification_description() in bp-notifications-template.php but can’t figure it out.

    Even if I can get a class on different types of notifications that would do the trick.
    I managed to add a class based on the url using jquery but it loads to slow. This needs to be done server side some how.

    Any help would be appreciated..

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