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Change size of member cards in member directory

  • chrishechler



    I am trying to display more member cards in each row in the member directory.

    The member cards take up way too much space, I could easily fit more in one row.
    However it seems as there are other templates or stylesheets that make this task almost impossible.
    To be more precise: The member cards consist of several layers and not just a simple box container.
    Even though, I can play around with margins and padding.
    I even found this item which would fit way more member cards into a single row:

    #buddypress .members-list > li {
    min-width: 275px;

    If I use max-width instead it would work, however, once I save it (even with !important) the directory automatically reverts back to its orignal state. Meaning, my change just wont be applied, no matter what.
    I just cannot find any rule or stylesheet that takes precedence for this line of code to play with that one.

    Any help or suggestion is very welcome 😉

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