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Change the default forum view

  • bogski



    I have a WordPress website running BuddyPress and BBPress and they are working great. However I have one small question.

    Currently, when my users log in they are taken to their profile page and presented with the ‘Forums’ tab as default. Now from what I can tell, this will display all forums that they have posted in or are subscribed to.

    What I would like to do when they land on this page is display a list of all forums they have access too. Like the default forums page ( and not their most recent activity.

    The reason for this is the forums are all private or hidden depending on a users group. So I would like to present them the forums listing first, without having to put a link in my main Nav Menu to the forums.

    Is this possible? I thought it might be possible with something like define('BP_DEFAULT_COMPONENT'); and i’ve found a way to change the groups and members landing page to display forums as a default using similar code.


    Also, is there a document that contains all the usable functions/hooks that I can download such a spreadsheet or something? just to save time trying to find stuff again. If not I will just add the them into one myself as I go along.

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