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Change the length of the excerpt for the recent comments

  • Tijmen Smit


    I can’t seem to find the right place to change the code that sets the length of the recent comments. I did a search through all the files, and did find some files that contained either 55 (the max length of words) or the […].

    In the bp-core-templatetags.php I found the bp_create_excerpt function, but changing the excerpt_lenght here has no influence at the length of the recent comments. The same goes for the wp_trim_excerpt, what ever I change it doesn’t seem to influence the recent comments.

    If I look at the bp_activity_content(); function in the bp-activity-templatetags.php and search for […] or excerpt in the file itself, it isn’t there either.

    Does anyone here know where to change the length for the excerpt of the recent comments? Its would be great if I could limit the amount of words to something like 25 instead of 55, just can’t find where to change it :)

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