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changing admin name block access

  • modemlooper


    So, I wanted to change the admin name as it’s not really safe to have a user name login as admin. If I change it then you do not have access to admin functions anymore.

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  • hyrxx


    you need to change it back and then add the username you are going to change it to, to the site admins, then you can change you name again lol

    it happened to me and then i realised what i had to do



    oh ok so add another admin and then change the first admin to something else? Will this screw with WP?


    I am having the same problem…

    I changed the admin display name and lost the admin functions… as well as being able to see any plugins that are installed or being able to install new themes.

    (a lot of functionality gone across the board)

    I changed my nickname back to admin and tried to log back in and i am getting the same error.

    Thread is six months old. This is a WPMU question, too. Search on their forums.

    Set your current new user to be the Site admin user.

    You will need access to the database, look in wp_sitemeta for a line with a meta_key of site_admins. It will currently look like:


    You need to change the admin to be your new users name, and the s:5 to be the length of your new user. E.G.


    spacetest is nine characters long so I’ve changed s:5 – s:9

    When you next login your new user will be the site admin user, and you can access the plugins menu.

    From wordpress MU post:

    Ummm… you can just do this in Site Admin > Options… at the bottom of the page. Space separated list of usernames.



    David, the options is not available unless you have admin privileges. Perhaps you can change it prior to deleting the admin. I had to go to the database and make zambibo’s change.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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