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changing blog id breaks autocomplete

  • bgilbreath


    Hello all,

    So I figured out what was breaking my autocomplete.

    First off, I am using wpmu 2.84a and buddypress 1.1.1.

    I have two blogs set up on mu using virtual sub-directories instead of subdomains.

    The first blog is on the root using the wordpress default theme and acts as an outside blog (blog id=1) and the buddypress theme is on another blog acting as a private area (blog id=2). By doing this, I can have one wp-admin with a public and private area.

    However, by changing the blog id in the bp-core file from 1 to 2 on line 20 for buddypress to work properly, it breaks the autocomplete; but everything else works fine.

    i believe this is a bug …

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