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Changing Buddy press group

  • orgdetail123


    I have introduced buddypress group side tab, while I click on the side tab it directs me to the page where it has three buttons which is “All groups”, “My groups” and “create groups”.

    There is three group link buttons which is “All groups”, “My groups” and last one “Create groups”.
    So basically when I click on “Create groups” it creates to group that gets added to the page but problem is, I have various groups based on country and groups based on job title, so what I want is to make a button group that has list of groups based on country(so for that I will make a button named International which will replace “All groups” button) and other button job title where it has only people with jobs. I am currently using Woffice theme. Now the thing is How do I change my function starting from back-end or is it front-end related.
    I have pictures of the stuff but unfortunately I can only access page from my organization. Please look through the link at

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