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changing buddypress error message

  • david22c


    Would someone be kind enough to help me with changing a buddypress error message? (wordpress 4.9.8, buddypress 3.1.0)

    I am restricting private messaging to user’s friends/connections. Currently, the error message returned when sending a private message to someone not in your network is “Message not sent. Please try again.” which doesn’t make sense. I would like it to say something like, “Sorry, you can only send a private message to connections in your network.” How might I change this error message?

    I have been using the following code in child functions to restrict private messaging:

    // if not site admin, restrict PMs to friends
    function pp_check_message_recipients( $message_info ) {
    //  site admins are not restricted
    if ( is_super_admin() )
    return $message_info;
    $recipients = $message_info->recipients;
    $friend_ids = friends_get_friend_user_ids( bp_displayed_user_id() ); 
    $nf = 0; 
    foreach ( $recipients as $key => $recipient ) {
    if ( ! in_array( $recipient->user_id, $friend_ids ) ) 
    // if any recipients are not friends, remove everyone from the recipient's list
    if (  $nf > 0 ) 
    unset( $message_info->recipients );
    return $message_info;
    add_action( 'messages_message_before_save', 'pp_check_message_recipients' );
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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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