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Changing default activity stream view

  • suysal


    How can I change the default view in the activity stream from “All Members” to “My Groups” or to “My Friends”? Imagine seeing activities from all members in Facebook:)

    Is there a plugin for allowing users to set their default activity view in their profile from “All Members” to “My Friends” or to “My Groups”, or to a specific group page?

    If not, can this be done with some hacking?

    BTW, I have BP 1.8.1, and WP 3.6.1.


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  • mileskimberley


    Hi, we’re also interested in this, did you manage to find a solution?



    I think it’s too complex for a Plugin because this is too specific to your needs , plugins are great when they serve lots of people. But you could alter the layouts if you know how the template structure in WordPress and BuddyPress works.

    Give each page it’s own custom Activity-loop template and you should be able to make whatever view you want on each page that shows an Activity.
    By default each page uses only one ( the default ) activity-loop template to create the activity content. But if you like you can duplicate those files and customize them for each page. Just duplicated the needed files and rename them to something like this: activity-groups-loop.php or activity-members-loop.php than make sure at the groups page the loop to the activity doesn’t load the default activity templates but your custom ( duplicated ) files.

    I really love how easy this works in WordPress and BuddyPress not a lot of CMS software have this easy to use template structure and logic.

    The only real problem I found with this is that the Activity-contents are made by very dynamic code – it’s very difficult to alter the items that will be shown at the page such as time, name, avatar , activity-title and the real content compared to other BuddyPress pages.

    I’ve made a Trac. Ticket for BuddyPress 2.0 , so lets hope somebody very smart could change the code a bit and we can really alter our Activity contents too.



    Hi @suysal @mileskimberley & @macpresss

    We have accomplished a similar task, and what a pain in the ass of a task it was…. We made it so that it’s not possible to see all members posts, you must first be friends with them. We also made ours so that you would only see the feed of groups if you joined the group as well, just like fb and all other mainstream networks, it just makes sense to do it this way, more personalised feed, less junk. Its a detailed code of a few hundred lines that we include in our functions.php file.

    We paid for the solution to be custom developed via external teams because it was slightly outside of our inhouse development skillset… If you want to chip in for the code I am more than happy to send it to you. If I coded this myself and it costed me nothing to create I would just paste the code here but it’s not the case in this scenario.

    Alternatively (and our preferred option), if Buddypress core developers want to build it into BP and create a setting for it in the core plugin backend to allow this option then I am happy to send it to them for free so that we don’t need to support this custom piece of code through the upgrades (which we have been supporting this custom code for a year now). I know this setting/option is not for everyone using BP but there are many out there who would love this feature included and it could be as simple as a checkbox in the backend saying should users only see friends activity, maybe a second one as well should users only see groups activity they have previously joined. We haven’t built such a setting because we use this by default.

    Anyways feel free to drop me a line here or at


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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