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Changing the layout of the registration page

  • LouisPP



    I have recently installed BP and I am trying to customize the registration page: I would like the field description to stand right below the field name instead of being appended at the very end, after the text boxe, checkboxes, etc. (depending on the field).

    I have tried to achieve this by altering register.php, but I cannot get any changes I make in register.php to take effect. I even tried obvious changes such as commenting out whole parts of the code, wordpress completely ignores this. I have tried clearing my cache, I have made sure the file I am working on is the right one, nothing works.

    Also I wondered: is there a better way to implement the change I am trying to make than by changing register.php, so that the changes remain if I update BuddyPress?

    Thank you very much for your help!

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  • Henry Wright


    Take a look at this article from the BP Codex on the Template Hierarchy:

    Template Hierarchy

    To summarise, you’d create a folder called /buddypress/ in your theme’s directory. Then a subfolder called ‘members’. Then a file called ‘index-register.php’. You should end up with:


    Your register page’s code will go in that file and any customisations you make will take effect.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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