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Changing the user profile page

  • jkitty



    I am using wordpress version Version 5.8.1
    Buddypress version Version 9.1.1
    My theme is Twenty Thirteen

    So I don’t know how to code php or anything like that but I am pretty good at editing things with the right guidance.

    So this is how my layout looks

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    Which is fine for the rest of the site but for the user profiles themselves is there a way to change it to not show the background for I think that’s sitemain (the black on each side with the orange gradient in the middle)

    So basically you would just have the header area as it is, the nav as it is and then from there on it would just be the profile’s content without all that extra stuff so you can fully see the background and all of that.

    I hope I am clear enough as I am terrible at explaining things but any guidance so that I can learn is appreciated~

    (I did learn how to add a custom buddypress.php in themes directory after reading around here a bit, to remove the side bar from just the user profiles but that’s as far as I got with figuring it out on my own )

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