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Changing the way you add friends in BuddyPress

  • Hello there. I am new to buddy press but I am getting my legs under me every day. I am trying to figure out a way, that I can change the way a user adds friends and the way those friends are able to view that users account. Imagine that a user is able to add a friend to either one of two main “Friends Lists” Lets say (for the sake of argument) that those lists are Business and Pleasure. When the user add’s a friend, that user adds that friend to either List. A friend in either of those list won’t be able to see friends in the other lists or certain pages or so forth. The user could then have other groups and so forth, but those two main groups are set in stone so to speak… I was looking at how a friend is represented in the database back-end. It seems as though it could be something as simple as adding an extra column in one of the tables that indicates whether or not this friend is a Business or Pleasure connection. It seems to me that just changing the database would completely destroy the buddyPress site. So I am thinking I would have to write a plugin to do that right? Of course, the best case scenario is that this functionality is already built into the site. What do you guys think of this… Do you have an advice for me? Thx

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