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Changing width of activity/member screen

  • Andrew


    Hi. I had everything setup under WPMU and BP 1.0 using a combination of a primary theme and a child (I think) theme. Upon the release of BP 1.2 I made some changes, namely I installed a standard WP (not WPMU) clean installation and then installed the BP 1.2 plugin and the BP Template Pack Plugin. This has allowed me to use my primary theme and everything is (essentially) working right and the way I want it to except for one thing. Here’s the website:

    So the problem is if you click on the “community” link (or just go here: ) you’ll see the problem instantly, the middle of my site is too wide.

    On the old site I set the width of that center part at 920px which let it all slot in there quite nicely but I don’t have any idea where I set that under the BP 1.2 version. I figure there has got to either be a CSS file hiding somewhere that I can edit to change that component width or else there is a div setting I can make in my style.css file I just don’t know what it is.

    Can anyone help? I’ve been searching the sight for this information and I haven’t found it (even though I’m sure it is out here somewhere). Thanks!

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  • pcwriter



    In Buddypress, you’ll find all the css stuff in yourtheme/style.css.
    Oh yeah, and use Firebug for Firefox to track down stuff you want to modify in your theme. It’s a real joy, that addon!

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