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Charge vendors for uploading products. Disabling Woocommerce functionality

  • jakobhannerz


    I just bought the Buddyboss marketplace solution. What I am about to build is a marketplace for physical products. The products will be delivered by hand, not posted.

    As what I can tell the Buddyboss marketplace solution gives us the opportunity to offer transactions and shipping. Although, what I am looking for is simply a catalog of products where buyers can browse through and contact the vendors to schedule a meet-up (they will solve the payment on their own). With this I would instead want the ability to charge the vendors for every product that is uploaded.

    Is there any way of solving this? I was recommended a plugin for disabling Woocommerce.
    Woocommerce Catalog Visibility Options
    It could work, though I still need a way to charge vendors to upload products.

    Please leave a comment if you have any idea how to solve this. Thanks!


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