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"Cheatin’ uh?" on Attempt to Re-activate BuddyPress Default Theme

  • LarryH516


    Platform is wp 3.4.2 and bp 1.6.1 with multi-site network setup and activated, plus site “3” specified as the BuddyPress site.

    In addition to the default bp theme, I installed and network activated several bp-compatible themes from during the bp installation wizard I selected the bp default theme. Later, I activated one of the bp-compatible themes I had previouly installed. I reviewed this theme to see if I wanted to use it. However, when I tried to re-activate the bp-default theme, or any other bp-compatible theme, I got the “Cheatin’ uh?” message displayed by wp.

    To verify and understand more fully what was happening, I did a complete parallel re-install of wp (multi-site) and bp. I got the same result. I carefully followed all known (by me) instructions on the proper setup of wp multi-site network with one of the sites being designated as the bp site (“3” in my case).

    Strangely, the bp site with the 3rd party theme works fine as a bp site. However, I want to go back to the bp default theme as well as trying some other bp-compatible themes.

    In the past, I have installed this particular configuration using wp 3.1 through 3.3 and never had any wp with bp compatibility issues?

    What does “Cheatin’ uh?” mean?

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