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child theme of buddypress !?

  • Masoud


    i have 2 simple question.

    i have made lots of changes to buddypress core codes! not only css changes! but almost i made changes in every single file of buddypress plugin !
    now, buddypress roled a new update. so if i update it. all of my changes will be lost 😐
    and i have to do all them again! 🙁
    so my questin is

    1) how to create a child theme for buddypress? so if i update buddypress, nothing happens to any of my changes in codes…

    2) even if i create a child theme, what will happen to update?
    i mean if by creating a child theme, buddypress will run my buddypress codes(which i inserted in child theme)! then what will happen to updated codes in original plugin (by original i mean not the one i’ve created in child theme)?
    they wont work?
    both the original plugin (updated) and my child theme buddypress will work toghether? without any conflict?

    tnx a lot for help.

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  • danbp


    You should never hack core files, as you already said ,you will have to redo your customization after each update !


    2) BP will be updated, and your custom work will remain intact, as long as you use a child-theme and bp-custom.php Child theme and bp-custom have priority when BP is loaded. Anything which is not in them will then be taken directly from BP or theme. Read about template hierarchy on codex.

    All this is detailled on codex. If questions, seacch the forum, they’re many topics around this.

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