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child theme questions

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    Well I narrowed down some of my issues to the buddypress child theme that I created so I figured it best to ask the experts.

    1. If I put a functions.php file in my child theme, will bp load the functions.php file from the buddypress default theme first and then load my child theme functions file?

    2. Some plugins require me to add template files to my theme folder in order to work properly.

    –I found that if I did not place the new folder and files into the buddypress master theme first, and then copy them to my child theme, that bp did not recognize them.

    –should I have to load any new files to the bp master in order to get bp child theme to recognize them?

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  • 1. Yes, exactly right.

    2. If the plugin has been updated properly since BP 1.1 release, you shouldn’t have to move a plugin template file. If you’ve found a recent plugin and it is telling you to move a file, then tell the developer to come over to these forums and we will help them fix it.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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