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Child-theme style.css

  • envis


    I have tried to add BuddyPress to my child-theme.
    My object is to change the layout of the register and activate form.

    So I have created the following folder structure:

    In this folder I placed two files:
    index-register.php = same content as \wp-content\plugins\buddypress\bp-themes\bp-default\registration\index-register.php
    index-activate.php = same content as \wp-content\plugins\buddypress\bp-themes\bp-default\registration\index-activate.php

    This seems to work, but the layout of the forms is completely wrong, all input boxes are not aligned etc. So then I checked this forum and saw that it might be a good idea to import a stylesheet from buddypress in the child-theme folder.
    So I added the following line to \wp-content\themes\child-theme\style.css

    url( ../../plugins/buddypress/bp-themes/bp-default/_inc/css/default.css );

    This fixes the aligning problem, but totally destroys the full width layout of the site.
    The sidebard is destroyed and the background color is wrong etc. etc.

    Is there a way to edit the register and activate form with only overrides, and leave the default styling in tact?

    Any help appreciated!

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  • shanebp


    buddypress\bp-themes\ is deprecated any only included for legacy installs.

    Your child theme structure seems okay.
    But try using the register templates from here buddypress\bp-templates\bp-legacy\buddypress\members\ in your child theme.

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