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Child theme

  • Maybe you can help me with the whole child theme.

    My themes creator has also created a child theme (twenty ten- buddy press). I have the child theme installed but not currently active. I have read articles on child thems and just not quite grasping it. To date I have gotten around a child theme by just keeping backups of my style css, etc, in the event of updates, then re-pasting the changes.

    When I applied changes in the parent theme to go to a 3 column it did not work, widgets went to the left and page did not align correctlty and no three column. I have activated the child theme to take a peek at it, just looks very raw, menus all messed up, etc… then went back to the parent. I guess my question is. To make changes in the child theme, what else has to be done? Do I need to ftp this into my wp directory? Do I activiate the child theme and work from there then it automatically goes into my parent theme, then go back to the parent theme?Sorry, this whole things has be confused.Just don’t understand how one goes to the other, Thanks for any help.
    *Also, I have not gone to thirty ten 3 column format as it says it is not BP compatible

    Thank you

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  • modemlooper


    Child themes work like this: Say you have a house and you want it to look different, you would then buy paint and furniture and curtains to make it loo different but the walls and roof and floors still look he same and are in the same place. The parent theme is the walls and floors and those never change.

    Basically the child theme is a way to tell word press to use all the files from a theme but make certain changes you want in a separate theme that way the parent theme files are never changed. If you do need to change one of the parent files then you copy that file over to the child folder and it will override the parent file.

    header.php in a child theme folder will override header.php in the parent theme folder. Make a mistake? No biggie you can just copy the parent header.php over to the child theme again since you never edit the parent files.

    Okay, thanks, makes sense So..If I alreay have a child theme that was created by the author and have it installed as a theme, do I need to do anything else but to revert to it, activate it and make changes there.. then revert back to my main theme. Or do I need to link them somehow?



Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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