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Children/Parents/Teacher management

  • PICHI1966


    Hi There,
    I am working on association project where 80% of members are children. I would like to create both members and parents using different Roles and/or MemberTypes.
    The children will get an email (and then an account) from association domain as we know that most of the time kids don’t get email to create an account.
    I would like to give full access to parents to manage the account/profile of their children.
    I did not find any plugin/solution to cover this.
    I was thinking to use ACF Pro relationship to build the family an then give to Mum and Dad full access to child from their own account.
    Also there are teachers that could get access to specific areas as a Skill tab/widget that they could create/update without giving update rights to children/parents.

    Any idea on how to solve these issues?

    Best Regards

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