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Clarity on display in Dynamix theme

  • judahraine


    Hi there, I hope you can assist with what may seem a foolish question but one for which I cannot find an answer. I am looking to purchase the Dynamix theme, which allows for a left and right sidebar (i.e. 2) but need to know where in the template Buddypress will be…

    In layman’s terms: I need two sidebars for ads and for specialized information and menus, etc. Buddypress has a sidebar. Does it use one of the template sidebars or does it create it’s own within the “central container” (really don’t know what that’s called at this point). I would greatly appreciate an answer to this as I don’t want to purchase a template until I know what to expect. It would greatly simplify things for me if someone could explain in seriously “non-techie” language what Buddypress uses within the template.

    Thanks so much,

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  • wp_maybe


    Buddypress does not “create” its own sidebars. It uses the theme’s.

    Maybe it will be a good idea for you to try it out with a couple of free themes. The default wordpress theme (twenty fourteen) comes with two sidebars, you can probably play around with that a bit.

    It should work the same way with a paid theme as far as Buddypress goes.



    Thank your replying, and on a Sunday no less! I appreciate it. I think this is an issue that I’m going to have with most themes, unless I can find one with additional sidebars. Sigh.




    Would it make you happier if either of the following were true?

    1. Buddypress did not have a “sidebar” at all, or
    2. Buddypress’ sidebar merged with one of your sidebars, i.e. your stuff [specialized information and menus, etc.] and Buddypress’ stuff [Members, Groups etc] showed in the same sidebar

    If yes, then take heart because this is easily achievable. If not, then you are talking
    about finding a theme that uses three sidebars (whoa!).

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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