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Clear/unckeck a Field/Checkbox when user role change

  • andypanoreo


    I need to automatically clear/uncheck a check box field in any Buddypress profile when the “user role” of any user change (in this case from Author to Subscriber).

    When the user role is changed, I was able to hide those checkboxes using the PlugIn “BuddyPress Conditional Field Groups”. The problem is that the search engine in my site still sees that the check-box field is still checked.

    I’m not a programer, but I assume that the logic could go like this:

    If User role = Subscriber (or goes from Author to Subscriber)
    Then checkbox(Comunity College & State College).uncheck
    End if

    I was able to get this from the Inspect Element utility of my web browser:

    <input checked=”checked” type=”checkbox” name=”field_23[]” id=”field_297_0″ value=”StateCollege”>

    Thank you!

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