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  • willmaginn



    I am hoping some people might have a good answer to this, also I am guessing this question has been asked a million times, I just can’t seem to find a good well laid out answer.

    Just wondering what is the best practice way to make a buddypress community closed to none logged in users and still keep the standard pages up?

    1. Page redirects?
    2. Private pages?
    3. ???

    I like solutions that don’t require additional plugins to do one thing, just to add.


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  • bp-help


    If you don’t like plugins then you will have to write code and place in bp-custom.php preferably which really isn’t much different than having a plugin installed because you will still have to use hooks just like a plugin does, or in your themes functions.php which really isn’t much different or you could edit templates which would be even more tedious. I suggest you reconsider your position on the plugins because it is the simplest method for a closed community. I developed two plugins myself that tackles this issue though they are premium plugins one is Private BP Pages and the other is Private Community For BP. I think there are other plugins on the repo that also provide a closed community but I haven’t tested any of them because my own plugins performs the way I need it too. Good luck!

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