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Codex – Installing, Upgrading, and MORE!

  • John James Jacoby


    The BuddyPress Codex serves as the manuscript to everything you need to know about BuddyPress. Installing, upgrading, modifying, trouble shooting, finding that particular hook, filter, or function, etc…

    You can find it naturally by navigating to -> Developers -> Docs

    The BuddyPress Codex is a constant work in progress. Those of you familiar with the Codex understand not only the value of accurate and up to date documentation, but also the magnitude of information there is to document. If you’ve never visited the Codex, I encourage you to do so as it contains everything you need to know about WordPress and WordPress MU.

    Below you will find a few helpful and commonly referred to Codex articles that answer a few of the current typical questions. (This list is subject to change as the needs of the forum change.)

    Installing BuddyPress

    Upgrading from RC-1(Forum Discussion)

    Upgrading from RC-2(Forum Discussion)

    If you feel there are links that should be noted here that aren’t, please send myself or another moderator a PM, or talk to us over in the freenode IRC channel #buddypress.

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