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coding change in bp-xprofile.php file

  • Goal: add external link to ‘Edit Profile secondary nav option in User Profile display

    Focus: change code in wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-xprofile.php file

    line 207:

    bp_core_add_subnav_item( $bp->profile->slug, ‘edit’, __(‘Edit Profile’, ‘buddypress’), $profile_link, ‘xprofile_screen_edit_profile’ );

    idea is to make modifications to the ‘xprofile_screen_edit_profile’

    on line 256, it has a function to define the actions of xprofile_screen_edit_profile

    is it possible to take this and change it from:

    function xprofile_screen_edit_profile() {

    if ( bp_is_home() ) {

    do_action( ‘xprofile_screen_edit_profile’ );

    bp_core_load_template( apply_filters( ‘xprofile_template_edit_profile’, ‘profile/edit’ ) );



    to some other kind of action that says something like “” ?

    In essence, not load the internal template but upon click, send the user to an external page to edit the profile.

    Logic: we are implementing SSO and all edit field updates will pass to Buddypress for each profile update. Thus we keep the data in one place.

    Thanks for considering this idea.


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