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  • stmedia


    Hello, first let me say I love WP and now I love BP too! – got some great and speedy help from Ray last night on installing. I’m getting ready to port my NING users over and I guess I’ll soon hear what they think of it. (notwithstanding the broo hah hah I see brewing over the free importer vs the premium one)

    There are a few things I was wondering about are ning to BP specific

    1) I don’t see an easy way for members to blog – is this a function of MU

    2) Video uploading was a nice feature of Ning. I guess we could embed YouTubes in BP – any thoughts on that

    3) another big feature of Ning was the easy uploading of images – how best to support this in BP

    OOPS [edited]


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  • Bowe


    1) This is indeed something that only comes with WPMU.. But WordPress 3.0 is almost ready and multi-networks (read=user blogs) are a option in 3.0.. So you might enable this feature for your community as soon as WP 3.0 is released.

    2) You can add youtube videos into the activity stream by using the oEmbed Plugin created by Ray. Simply copy and paste the URL to the video into an Status Update, Reply or Blog Comment, and it’s gets embedded into the stream. Awesome!

    3) Currently you have two options for this:

    keep an eye on this topic: It’s an album plugin which is shaping up nicely and offers albums for your users.

    or check out which offers BP-Gallery. A media plugin which allows the creation of video, pictures and audio galleries. It’s currently almost in it’s final stages, but if you would like to use it you need to have a paid subscription.

    I hope you enjoy BuddyPress :)



    I am indeed enjoying buddypress. what a terribly nice and helpful forum this is. I’ve been roadtesting a WP V3 Beta somewhere so I’ll go that route eventually. Thanks for your help

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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