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Comment Blacklist

  • writersabroad


    Not sure if this is a wordpress or buddypress issue so posting in both places. I run a writers community with buddypress and have set up forums where members can post pieces of work. We are experiencing some difficulty with the comment blacklist which prevents some words from being used even if within a word e.g. double breasted…. and one piece of work I can’t for the life of me find the word that is blocking the post… whilst I want to be able to stop spam comments, surely forum posts from members who have to be signed in to post is another thing? Any suggestions? I am useless with code :). Even if we had something which could identify the rogue word we could do something about it…

    Thank you

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  • shanebp


    BuddyPress does not include forums.

    If you are using bbPress, you should ask on their support forums.

    Finding out which words are triggering a filter can be difficult. The people at bbPress should be able to provide specifics re their filter.
    If the issue about WP comments rather than forum lists, you could ask on the WP support forums.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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